Villa 14 Bolgoda , Luxurious Lake Villa in Panadura, Sri Lanka, Bolgoda Villa
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A chance to get lost in nature’s greatest hideout in the suburbs of Colombo city. The only hideaway known to nature is only minutes away from Colombo.

From experiencing a glorious sunrise on the tranquil banks of a serine lake to relaxing amidst lush green forests bathed in its natural pristine beauty. Cherishing a peaceful breakfast on the deck to revere round a lively camp fire by night, you can have it all at Villa 14, Bolgoda, Panadura.

Spend the best Sri Lankan holiday you can ever have, with nature, luxury and comfort; all bundled into one package.


Night by the Lake at Villa14 Bolgoda, Sri Lanka !

Stayed at the Villa 14, Bolgoda, a lovely Lake villa in Panadura in Nov 11, 2012 for one night. Villa 14 had its great ambience, lounge and room was of a good size.The food was great... The night by the river of Bolgoda was a spectacular sight that i will always have in my dreams, undoubtedly if you are looking for a villa in bolgoda, or pandura closer to colombo, Villa 14 Bolgoda is the ideal Location....

Barry Gordon De Zoosa - New Dhelhi
13th of November 2012